Permission to Pivot

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Pivot definition: The act of turning.

Have you ever had a certain view on something or someone then later on changed your mind? Thing is you don’t want to say it out loud because people might hold you accountable to your initial view? BECAUSE SAME HERE.

As I navigate my way through life and experience certain things I find myself creating new reference points, drawing deeper understanding of my triggers and boundaries.

How do I tell someone their jokes are actually hurtful when I’ve laughed it off a thousand times in years gone by?

How do I say now that I don’t like it when people touch my braids when I’ve let it happen before?

How do I say I don’t like being called a “fob” or be a bystander in conversation when I’ve used that language recently?

This untethering of my old self verse my growing self (I’m careful not to use the word new) is constantly at war. This war I feel is driven by fear.

Fear of what people might think of me for calling that behaviour out.

Fear of being perceived as flakey because I haven’t always said out loud the things that make me feel uncomfortable or;

Fear of being called precious then being dismissed.

Changing our view on things in life is natural because as we go through different seasons our character is being altered in the process too.

Being able to communicate our changing views demands vulnerability. Vulnerability to first of all show up, be seen, heard and maybe even exposed.

So if what I’m saying is landing, this is for you. You are allowed to question what once was your truth and pivot from that into a completely new territory. You are allowed to see things differently if what you once believed no longer serves you.

You are allowed to pivot over and over again. 

Next time you feel that hot sensation in your chest when you feel the urge to express your truth, speak. By doing so you’re honouring yourself and to me, there is nothing more empowering than that.

Be brave and be kind.

With love always,


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One thought on “Permission to Pivot

  1. I have read Racisim: the fight continue and decided my house chores can wait. Moved on to Permission to Pivot, this one hit home for me and hit me in so many levels.
    Thank you Sezzie..xx


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