I’m sure you’ve figured out my name so let’s skip to the part I tell you why serasituations exists.

Wind back to 2018. I stepped down from youth leadership in church and felt like I had lost my sense of identity. Being a words of affirmation kinda girl, I looked to the internet to find forums that spoke to my experience. I thought all hope was lost until I came across Jamie Wright – The Very Worst Missionary. The authenticity that oozed from her posts hooked me instantly. It inspired me to create this space and share my own life experiences.

So let me tell you what you’ll get out of me:

  • Inconsistent blogging but I swear when post, it’s worth the read.
  • Bad grammar. Where do commas even belong?
  • Real yarns. The kind I hope pulls your heart strings and challenges you to reflect on yourself.
  • This infamous ‘Sera‘ sign off (pictured below) that I made on my Notes app a couple years ago.

Outside of writing, I vlogged (note: past tense) and enjoy public speaking. Have a geeze at what I get up to and come say hi. Most likely if you see me out, I’m either playing rugby or carrying on in a pub with a rum and coke in my hand (that actually happened and I secured a speaking gig).