Strong Women Run In My Family

International Women’s Day (March 8) to me is about celebrating women. The trailblazing women, the inspiring women, the empowering women, the women who unapologetically take up space and are not scared of coming off as “too much.”

It’s about acknowledging the women who have gone before us, women who challenge stereotypes, societal norms and the status quo, women who are the heart of their homes, women who are changing the narrative for their family and women who are actively doing work to close the gap on gender parity in their respective industries.

These women I speak of exist in my life.

On Sunday, 23 February I invited my closest girls – family, girlfriends and rugby team mates to an intimate morning tea at my home. What inspired this is a strong sense of gratitude to have such solid women in my life.

Women who have shown me the meaning of true friendship, have supported me through some really crazy seasons in life, provided me with a safe place when the going has gotten tough and ultimately, women who have shown me what a life of integrity looks and feels like.

Don’t get my wrong. There are times we bicker and get annoyed with each other but in the same breath, I have sat across some of these women and had some tough conversations with them and rather than it being a sour, confronting mess it was an opportunity for vulnerability to show up and in turn, create deeper connection.

Back to the morning tea.

There were no speeches or formalities. Everyone brought a plate, we played music, sat around, yarned and just enjoyed the presence of each other. I asked for a good friend and amazing photographer, Julius (@jujufilms) to join us and to capture some special moments I can keep forever.

This visual collection I’d like to name “Strong Women Run In My Family.”

My Mum, Vera & Paternal Grandmother, Lice
My Soul Sisters – Kirsten Tapine, Ngahine Rogers, Stevie Nupier and Kat Barry
My Rugby Girls – A Bond Quite Like No Other

Strong Women Run In My Family resonates so strongly with me because I consider and treat each woman here like family. It isn’t their physical strength I refer to when I say “strong.” It is their innate strength I’ve seen them show in the face of adversity.

The heroes in my life don’t wear capes. They wear scrubs, high vis shirts, gorgeous maxi dresses, crop tops, rugby jerseys and rock tattoos better than your brother.

It is because of these women I am optimistic about the world I will continually grow up in and hopefully one day bring my daughters into.

Always with love,

To view the full album, click HERE.



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