Church tomorrow?


Have you ever been in a club having a drink then someone sarcastically asks “Church tomorrow?” Absolute buzz killer. Happened one too many times to me and today I want to uncover my hesitation towards this kind of mentality.

I will never deny my faith but I will never deny that as a Christian I tend to starve the spirit and feed the flesh. I know that’s not how it’s supposed to be but I am human and overwhelmingly flawed. Now, if you’re anything like me this either hits a soft spot for you or you’re the person who asks questions like the one stated above.

There are many in my world who were once faithful attendees of church, served on team, always dressed in their Sunday best but somewhere along the track either due to offence or idleness, lose sight of what church meant to them and as a result, backslid. Some lasted 2 weeks, others 6 months and as for my Dad (I asked if I could share this) at least 18 years.

I want to reach those who feel as though they have one foot in the door and one out or those who can’t get over what Aunty Gossip said all those years ago that wasn’t true but was enough to keep them far from the church doors or more commonly for those in church but feel lukewarm. Does any of this resonate with you? If so, read on.

I went through the most difficult season of my life in early 2016. A range of significant things changed due to personal choices and as a result sent me on a mental downspiral. I sought intense counselling and wanted to be anywhere but where God was because I simply felt unworthy.

Often I have heard and had people in my own life perceive believers to have it altogether. Although allow me to be the one to tell you; we are human and go through everyday struggles just like you. We are not exempt to hard seasons in life, some cheat, some steal, some experiment with drugs, some are depressed and so you’re thinking what’s the point? The point is this – I acknowledge that I cannot do life without Christ. I have tried time and time again to live life on my own without Him but I am living a lie because I know it’s not the truth. I fight with God in my heart, question why He would love someone like me and each time I hear Him whisper “My grace is sufficient”.

I understand the urgency for Christians including myself to live by example and stand up for what is true especially in these last days but what happens when we are the ones struggling to stay the path? Are we exempt to Gods unmerited favour because we should know better? or does it simply become inexcusable? You may suggest I need to make a decision to be in church or completely out of it although I’m tired of this mentality because all it does its deprive people of the one thing we all need being Jesus.

Put it like this, if you are the only Jesus your family and friends know of what Jesus are you showing when trying to connect with the lost? If you haven’t carefully considered this, do so now. Jesus approached prostitutes, con men, the untouchables of society and made people they feel like they matter regardless of where they were on their journey.

No matter who you are or where you are at I am standing with you purely because:

I am a Christian who got offended and stopped going to church.


I am a Christian who would be out blind drunk until 4:30am Sunday morning and attend the 11:30am service. The meme some post and #hypocriete.


I am a Christian who doesn’t despise the LGBT community because I have lifelong friends, aunties and uncles who are gay and love each of them wholeheartedly without difference.


I am a Christian who is flawed in more ways than I would show.


I am a Christian who swears and sometimes at people. Mostly when playing rugby. This is followed by an apology because I have a sentimental conscience.


I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture. I am rough around the edges but I understand and accept I am still growing.

I know this post in particular will rub people the wrong way but open your eyes, people are hurting and whether they voice it or not are desperately in search to connect with something bigger than themselves or go back to church without feeling condemned, judged or looked at.

Let our first response always be love. Rather than questioning decisions and whereabouts of our precious brothers and sisters I suggest we remain consistent in their world, let them know we love them and more importantly pray. Remember what we can spend a lifetime trying to achieve God can do in a moment.

So next time you think of asking the question ‘Church tomorrow?‘ bear in mind just like you we are ALL on our own journey.

All my ugly parts make me the believer I am today and make me better for my tomorrow.

Blessings and love,


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