New year, same shit

On December 31st my feed was full of well wishes and a visual collection of where everyone was welcoming in the new year. January 1st there were a few snaps of me dancing away in my new cute white dress whilst further damaging my liver. I love it because it’s a holiday celebrated by everyone [...]

Sez bae-cays in Boracay

"Live your best life every fucking day!" - Overused line by yours truly 14 hour travelling days are not my thing especially now that I’ve done it twice in one week. I’ve reached the conclusion I like flying but I don’t enjoy it. If you read my last post It’s not you, it’s me you [...]

Me before you

A few weeks ago I watched a film called 'Me before you'. I vividly remember watching the trailer at the cinemas last year and vowing to myself I'd watch it as soon as it was released. Lucky I didn't do that because I honestly believe I watched this movie at a time where I needed [...]