Stay in your lane boo

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” Genesis 8:22 When I read this scripture I recognise that seasons are inevitable. Like so in our lives we will experience seasons. There will be moments better than others - full health and sickness, [...]

Bro, I’m proud of you

Rugby League is an important part of the Naiqama family history. Growing up I always adored my brothers Wesley and Kevin. That adoration hasn’t altered one inch however my respect for them and what they do has been heightened greatly. My childhood involves spending up to 8 hours per week at our local football ground. [...]

The women who shaped me

March 8 marks International Women's Day. Truth is everyday there are women actively challenging the status quo and doing their part to close in on gender parity. I acknowledge I wouldn't be half I woman I am without the influence of these incredible women who I am blessed to call family. Today, I honour you. [...]

Guest Post by Arieta Rika: So what happens when your apology doesn’t heal you?

To the world Arieta Tora Rika is a Tongan-Fijian Freelance Writer, Digital Communications Specialist, and Talanoa's Founder and Creative Director. However to me she is "Tid", the older sister I never had. It is my pleasure to present serasituations first ever guest blogger. - Sera  Have you ever been hurt by someone that you love? [...]

You’re hurting me…

“Just because it hurts Sera that doesn’t mean I can’t touch it”. - My physio In September 2017 I had an extensive knee operation. Not long ago I went and saw my physio and as per usual he was massaging my knee. This time round though he began rubbing on the scar where they’d cut [...]

New year, same shit

On December 31st my feed was full of well wishes and a visual collection of where everyone was welcoming in the new year. January 1st there were a few snaps of me dancing away in my new cute white dress whilst further damaging my liver. I love it because it’s a holiday celebrated by everyone [...]

Sez bae-cays in Boracay

"Live your best life every fucking day!" - Overused line by yours truly 14 hour travelling days are not my thing especially now that I’ve done it twice in one week. I’ve reached the conclusion I like flying but I don’t enjoy it. If you read my last post It’s not you, it’s me you [...]