New year, same shit


On December 31st my feed was full of well wishes and a visual collection of where everyone was welcoming in the new year. January 1st there were a few snaps of me dancing away in my new cute white dress whilst further damaging my liver. I love it because it’s a holiday celebrated by everyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality etc.

Now that the festive hangovers have been had and the Christmas tree is packed away, we need to consider how we are going to approach the next 361 days. I realise I am presented with a fresh slate however, I don’t want to create crazy resolutions that’ll be nothing but a fad within a few weeks time. Quite frankly I adore the rough-around-the-edges, drunken but spiritual lass I am and I want to witness her naturally evolve into the woman she was ultimately created to be.

This next year I don’t want a new Sez, I want an improved Sez. No dramatic weight loss venture or ridiculous volunteering hours at my local homeless shelter, just some real and raw fine-tuning of my character. Simply put, I’m doing me. If you think that’s a selfish approach, you’ve misinterpreted this post.


I’m all about:

  • Feeling my fear and being courageous anyways.
  • Choosing to be kind to myself day in and out.
  • Less excuses and more action.
  • Authenticity in every sense of the word.
  • Living my best life unapologetically and with anyone who is willing to do the same.
  • Learning how to listen.
  • Open to having hard conversations.
  • Self love.
  • Having fun, fun and more fun. #lionessbehaviours #sezsyearofsobriety

In addition to this and this is #realtalk, I long to get back into Church. I attended my first service after some time yesterday with my Ma (That in itself is a real testimony) and I genuinely enjoyed each moment. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like that. I wouldn’t count the Christmas Eve service cause all I kept thinking of was the cocktail bar on the Newcastle wharf my brother said he’d take me to later that evening.

I’ll openly admit I was feeling the party scene more than the Church scene in the latter part of the year. I was carefree and living my best life with the littlest concern of how I may have been perceived.

That was ideal to me because I would rather wake up with a hangover on a Sunday morning than drag my feet to the House because it was easier to mask my internal mess than deal with it.

There are a few goals I have on my heart but we’ll uncover those at the end of the year.

Recently I watched my 21st speech and I said “If ever I feel like I am lacking in this life I hope to look back to tonight and realise I have everyone and everything I need to succeed in this lifetime“, and it’s true. I’m well equipped for the days ahead.


The year is yours for the taking and I want my 2018 to be everything but mundane. I encourage you with every ounce of energy in my body, make this year count. That doesn’t mean everyday is going to roses and rainbows but at least commit to wanting more for yourself.

I need accountability to get through this year and if you do too, please leave me a line on my Contact page.

Blessings and love,




4 thoughts on “New year, same shit

  1. Love this Sez, you are speaking a genuine, authentic and …. Very relate-able language..
    I also love that you understand the key to happiness is to listen to the true you and to simply do what makes your light shine bright… xx


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