17 things I’m grateful for


What a tremendous year it has been. As I reflect on the past 365 days, yeah, there were rough days but they were complimented with some crazy good times. Life is a blessing friends. It’s so easy to forget how good we have it. 

One quote I heard a while back and it has stuck with me since is “Gratitude begins where entitlement ends“. With that being said I think it is only fitting to list 17 things I am grateful 2017 has brought me.

You ready? Here we go…

  1. The strong men and women who I am blessed to call family.
  2. Great boyfriend. Despite my shitty ways he has been the most consistent human over the past 2 years.
  3. Good health.
  4. serasituations and the people it has enabled me to connect with.
  5. Making my debate debut at the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness Blue and Gold Luncheon.
  6. Making my MC debut at the Sydney Uni Women’s Rugby Club Annual Dinner.
  7. A loan that was approved in order for me to have my surgery by a reputable surgeon.
  8. My lasses who I am fortunate to call my girls. Someone say lifelong friends? #lionessbehaviours
  9. Tripod Cafe providing that caffeine goodness and greeting me by name. The small chat we have sets up my day in the best way possible.
  10. A new car that doesn’t sound like it’s dying. However S/O to my old car. That was my boyfriend’s and I’s making out spot before we met each others families. #noshame
  11. Being inducted into the NSWFRU Board as their youngest member. It’s not easy but it has proven to be worth it time and time again.
  12. The ability to read. Sounds ridiculous but questions I’ve struggled with in my life have been answered whilst reading carefully articulated content.
  13. Papa. He is 81 years old and is in a nursing home. I try not to take each visit to the home for granted for who knows how long he has with us?
  14. My job. I’m part of the minority who don’t drag their feet to work. I enjoy the people I work with and the crazy perks it comes with. I.E. Being the basketball mascot.
  15. Physical, emotional and mental challenges faced throughout this year. Challenging times = growth.
  16. The woman I am becoming. Considering the rough upbringing we had I have every right to be anything other than what I am today.
  17. And lastly, the most wonderful addition to our family my beautiful niece, Wila. You make me so happy Princess and I love you dearly.

This list doesn’t do justice to all the experiences had and people who have influenced my year. As I raise my first glass of home made sangria tonight, I’m raising my glass to you and I. Let’s make 2018 one for the history books!

Blessings and love,

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